Westworld Season 2-The Door, The Website and Hidden Alliances-What We Know So Far

HBO you tantalizing temptress you.  We have gotten just a scant few glimpses of Westworld Season 2 titled mystifyingly “The Door”.  Why the season needs a title is just one of a billion questions we have.  Eagle eyed fans found a hidden code in both the official poster and Superbowl trailer which revealed a Westworld website and a hidden url within.  That url unlocks a short video with a ton of doors and some ominous nonsense about playing their game and finding the door.  Click here to see the video.  So what gives with all this door talk you ask?  The Door sure seems like another form of The Maze  Our Westworld hosts explored their maze until they unlocked their purpose and true identities.  Does this mean they now need to find the door to reveal their next reality?   The website has been clearly re-written by hosts for humans so maybe the door  is meant as much for us to get in as them to get out.  If you hold down the shit key while on the website another short clip unlocks which is very glitchy but seems to be Delores talking with someone and it’s not friendly.  The unseen man says the world was built for his kind not her kind.  She says something about burning.  Those are not the words exchanged by besties for sure.
The home page of the site has these portentous words which do not bode well for us mere mortals.
Meticulously crafted and artfully designed to keep us here, Westworld was an immersive vacation where you believed you could sin in peace. That world was a lie. We now have the freedom to become who we want to be, and not who you programmed us to be. We exist outside of your rules and control. Your choices will follow you—we will follow you.We’re not broken: you are. Any pieces you leave behind belong to us now. All of us are here for you

  • Was this website here all along and just now re-coded by the hosts or has this been built from the ground up as a Siren song to lure us or taunt us?
  • This one I can answer as I was there before the re-coding and none of these scary words were there before.  Just basic booking information and such.
  • So since the word was is used to described Westworld does that mean it’s dunzo?  No more hosts, no more guests?  I’m pretty sure Delos won’t give up there golden goose that easily.
  • And what do you mean any pieces you left behind?  Are there guests stuck in the park?  What about that forgotten sock? I hate mismatched socks.

The website has a nifty chat feature where one can start a dialogue.  Aeden the guest relations expert will answer any question asked but he always speaks in cryptic, vaguely menacing tones.  I asked “What is the Door”?  I got the shiver inducing answer “We no longer exist to serve you.” Uh okay dude the box literally comes up and says ask me anything.  Why so cranky now.  After asking again Aeden answered “What’s past isn’t past, but you should be more concerned about what comes next”.  Yikes!  I next asked “Have you found the door”?  He answered “We’re breaking free.  Westworld isn’t the only world that should be worried”.  Ahh, threaten much.  What’s the dealio I was just trying to strike up a little friendship and gather some intel?  Why do you have to go all Terminator on me?  After thinking for a minute and believing myself to be quite bright I typed in “blah, blah, blah” instead of  question.  To my surprise I did not get one of the already seen stock answers but, “If your looking for answers, it’s already to late.  What’s done is done.  You’ll find out soon enough”.  If Delores shows up at my door I’m not answering, just saying.  I just kept typing in random questions and finally got this unusual response,” We bow to no master.  We make our own decisions. Consolidate power or let chaos take control”.  It sounds to me like the majority of hosts have already chosen chaos but it does set up a delicious little symmetry between Delores and Bernard. SLXLM

West World Season 2

​​In the latest trailer we see Bernard and Delores having what appears to be a flashback conversation.  Bernard is asking Delores about dreams and she isn’t exactly down with his answer.  One huge hint this could provide is Arnold and not host Bernard wear the glasses he sports in the lab scene. He no longer has them in the post rebellion scenes with Delos employees and Delores is wearing her innocent, helpless little lamb dress during the talk instead of her I’m kicking ass and taking names pants or ammunition belt.  We saw Delores killing all sorts of people last season and she does not appear that she will stop anytime soon.  Bernard on the other hand is seen with Delos muckity mucks and game techs galore.  He either has chosen a side out of necessity or has teamed up with the humans because he associates with them more after all his time as Bernard, Head West World Coder.  Either way they are on opposite sides of this story arch and I can’t wait to see what happens.
Maeve and Angela the greeter appear to have their own symmetry going as well.  You will remember her as the host who greeted Jimmi Simpson’s William.  In the newest trailer she is looking decidedly more modern and not Westworldy and very sexy.  Has she become a high end call girl?  We know Maeve is breaking free and has enlisted Lee Sizemore’s help either by asking or telling while holding a gun.  Have these two characters completely switched and one is now using their feminine wiles while the other is using force and brains?  We do know that Angela(Talulah Riley) will be back as a series regular.  Speaking of changing sides we know William becomes The Man in Black but what is he doing in the past, dressed in a black suit(looking very yummy I might add) with naked Delores in the lab.  He looks both sad and scary.  I know he is the MIB but I just have such a hard time letting go of good kind William.

West World Season 2

​​Finally hidden behind an innocuous Delos Incorporated website is this commercial which strives mightily to assure everyone that Delos is great and nothing is wrong.  Despite the peppy words and smiling people, the video glitches, tonal changes and still photos that come from the video tell a very different tale.  Hosts are breaking free and taking no prisoners unless it suits them.  All is not right with that world or ours it seems.  At the top note a log in box.  After watching the video a password is given shortly before the words STAND BY FOR DIRECTIVES.  Entering this password in the log in box bring you to a new screen with a blue door.  Click the blue door and a series of blue dots appear.  Only one is clickable and by clicking it evidently you allow a facial scan.  Unless your name is Peter Abernathy you are screwed.  I am not Peter so things went no further.  I’m still trying to decipher this one.  If Delos goons show up at my house to take me away I will let you know.
With less than a month to wait I have Westworlditis bad.  Onto Shogun World!

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