11 Incredible Horror Statistics That Prove 2017 Was the Year for Horror

 2017 has been a terrifying year for lots of reasons.  It can be difficult to quantify some of that fear so today we are simplifying it for you.  Below we have a rundown of the numbers that prove what we here at Signal Horizon have been saying for awhile, 2017 was the year of horror.

1.  Blumhouse alone has accounted for over 470 million at the box office and does not look to slow down.  With hits like Get OutSplit, and Happy Death Day Blumhouse has struck gold multiple times.

2.  It is the largest grossing R rated horror movie of all time.  Not only did It have an outstanding opening weekend but it showed legs throughout its time in theatre.  To date it has grossed more than $326.9 million domestically and continues to score big internationally

3.  Speaking of international markets, It has earned more than $688 million and

 continues to be popular in European countries.  This is an incredible number given the movie did not open in China.

4.  It continues to rack up numbers beating the Exorcist as the highest grossing rated R horror movie ever made.  The Exorcist held that record for an incredible 44 years.

5. Despite being nominated as a comedy we all know Get Out is really a horror movie and deserves its two nominations for best picture and best lead actor.

6.  Speaking of  an outstanding nominations season, The Shape of Water has been the critics darling.  It racked up an outstanding 7 nominations at the Golden Globe and looks to make even more noise later in the awards season.

7.  Horror has made its meteoric clime using tiny budgets.  Part of what makes

 horror so appealing to movie studios are the minuscule operating budgets.  Split was made for $9 million.  Get Out was made for $4.5 million.

8.  All of these incredible numbers come while the film industry has another down year.  It is estimated that the film industry will be down at least 15% by years end.  It is not as if more people are going to the movies and horror happens to be one the benefactors of this bump. Horror has increased its market share over more traditional blockbusters. 

9.   Horror has more than held its own against the other genre’s.   The horror genre has one film in the top 5 grossing films of the year.  2 in the top 15 and 3 in the top 25.  It has more than held its own considering rated R movies could hamper turnout.  

10.  2017 had 3 of the top grossing horror movies of the past 25 years.  Split, Get Out, and It and their incredible runs will continue to make news in years to come.  The 2nd most successful year was 1999 with the Blair Witch project.  


11.  As big as 2017 has been 2018 could be even bigger.  The Purge franchise which has made more than $321,000,000 will be releasing its newest installment.  While the details are scarce it is bound to make money.  

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